I’ve known and interacted with Scott for over 5 years. He has extensive knowledge helping young dentists set up and run pediatric dental practices efficiently and effectively. He understands the systems that create profitable practices. Many consultants come in and think they have all the answers, before they even listen to the primary concerns of the dentist. Scott is very approachable. He listens first, to understand the biggest concerns, and then works to find solutions that work within that doctor’s framework.

Dr. William F. Waggoner
Pediatric Dentist – Las Vegas, NV

I have had the pleasure of working with Scott for over 5 years. Scott has been a great resource to my practice in generating growth. He has key insights to what helps make a pediatric dental practice go from good to fantastic. I highly recommend his services to any colleague.

Dr. Brian Hatch
Mountain View Pediatric Dentistry Rio Rancho, New Mexico

“It has been a pleasure to work with Scott the past several years. He genuinely cared for the interest of my patients and the success of my practice. His easy temperament made him ideal for working with the pediatric industry. He quickly became a good friend as well.”

Pediatric Dentist-Conroe, TX

I have been working with Scott since I first bought into my practice 5 years ago. As a new owner doctor, I constantly felt like I had more questions than answers. Scott has always been accessible and has great insight for successful practice management. He helped me feel supported and for the past 5 years I’ve seen year over year growth in my practice.

Dr. Kelly Kim
Pediatric Dentist- Murrieta, CA

Over the years I’ve worked with Scott Lauer I have known him to be someone of high integrity and work ethic. He has helped my practices grow exponentially and has done the same for numerous colleagues. I have no doubt he will bring the same level of dedication to help your practice reach its full potential.

Dr. Tanner Zane
Pediatric Dentist - Northern California

I’ve had the pleasure of working with Scott for over 5 years. In that time my affiliated practices have seen tremendous growth and success. He is an outstanding individual whom is a valuable asset to our profession. Scott has an unprecedented ability to connect with individuals particularly clinicians.

Dr. Eric Ellis
Pediatric Dentist Owner multiple locations

I have worked with Scott for over 3 years and used his expertise to help my practice grow year after year. He has genuine concern and sincere desire to help others succeed within their businesses. Scott listens to your concerns. More importantly Scott is a friend to those he works with and for.

Dr. Lafe Chaffee
Pediatric Dentist Mesa, Arizona

Scott Lauer recruited me to work for My Kids Dentist® and he was my support system as an associate dentist there. To move to a new state for a job was scary, but Scott was very patient, supportive and accessible throughout the whole process. Whenever i had a problem at work, he would wholeheartedly fight for me and figure out a solution that I would be happy with.

Dr. Melisa Susanto
Pediatric Dentist Puyallup, Washington