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Unlock your Pediatric and Children’s Dental Practice’s Potential

Scott Lauer has been in the dental industry for 17 years. The last six years he was with My Kid’s Dentist® and Every Kid’s Dentist® which is a part of Pacific Dental Services® (PDS). Scott was Director of Business Development – Pediatric Dentistry. In this position, Scott was responsible for developing and growing 82 My Kid’s Dentist ® and Every Kid’s Dentist® in 11 states. The practices see over 60,000 new patients and 100,000 recall patients a year.

Scott was instrumental in the creation of the P.I.C.E (Pediatric Intro to Clinical Excellence) program, which increased doctor retention, patient engagement, and pediatric ownership. Scott was also responsible for the selection of the site locations for My Kid’s Dentist® and Every Kid’s Dentist® and in that process has reviewed over 1000 pediatric and children’s dentist websites throughout the U.S. He created several tools that helped increase patient experience, acquisition, and cash flow.

Scott Lauer